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Let’s review what’s inside the program from Zoe Bray-Cotton:

You can see that yoga is a great way to become more flexible, stress-free, toned, but also to lose weight. Body, mind and spirit – it truly is a holistic approach to becoming healthier overall.

Obviously some yoga poses are more difficult than others. With that being said, it is important that you follow a progressive and dynamic program that advances only when you do.

Yoga Burn is a comprehensive online yoga course directed toward women only.
It is unique in that it is designed to help women lose weight and tone their bodies while participating in calm and relaxing yoga that does not include any harsh or intense cardio exercises. The course is comprised of nine workout videos, all of which are approximately forty-five minutes long. These videos are divided into three phases, entitled Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow, which include three videos each.

The phases are designed specifically to build on one another in order to become more challenging and effective as the videos and phases progress. Women who participate in the online course are expected to go through the three videos of each phase within one week. However, in order to maximize the results of the program, they are instructed to repeat the three videos in each phase for a period of four weeks before moving on to the consequent phase.

All of the Yoga Burn videos are created and led by yoga instructor and personal trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton. In each of the videos in all three phases, Zoe instructs participants on how to move their bodies to perform each yoga move as she does the moves herself in the videos.

Zoe is equipped with thousands of hours of practice teaching yoga as well as working one-on-one as a personal trainer. Therefore, because she is experienced in teaching traditional yoga for the purpose of relaxation as well as training individuals in the gym who want to lose weight and tone their bodies, she is able to combine these two goals into one supercharged yoga course that helps women relax and decrease their stress levels while burning fat and toning muscle. Plus, Zoe’s extensive teaching experience has allowed her to develop instructional skills that clarify the expectations in the videos and eliminate any confusion that is often an issue with other online workout videos.

Zoe’s clear instructions that inform participants exactly when and how to move their body are helpful because they allow women who are watching the video to feel as though they can breathe and relax into their yoga positions without having to glance up at their television screen every few seconds to keep up with the video.

Furthermore, because many yoga poses involve facing the ground or moving on the floor, it can be difficult to see the screen at all times throughout the workout. Zoe’s continuous and clear narration eliminates the worry of falling behind or being forced to break the position when certain yoga moves make it impossible to see the video screen.

The first phase of the program, which consists of an introduction video and workouts one through three, is all about the basics. In this phase, Zoe focuses on introducing participants to yoga. She clearly instructs them how to perform a variety of standalone basic yoga poses as a stepping stone to stringing all of the poses together into a smooth sequence.

Zoe also introduces breathing in these videos and teaches participants how and when they should breathe during each pose. Although the Foundational Flow phase focuses primarily on teaching the basics of yoga positions, it is still fast-paced and keeps participants engaged in order to consistently burn fat and calories.

Transitional Flow is the second phase of the program and also consists of an introduction video and three new workouts. As the title of this phase suggests, the second three videos in the program focus on transitions.

In this phase, Zoe teaches participants how to link the yoga moves she introduced them to in the Foundational Flow phase together to create a sequence using seamless transitions between each pose. Because participants are more familiar with the basic poses by the second phase of the course, Zoe uses the Transitional Flow phase to keep them focused on the present moment throughout each routine in order to eliminate stress and feel happier and more content during the workout and in their daily life.

By the third and final Mastery Flow phase, participants have been involved in the Yoga Burn program for two months. In order to send them off with a bang, Zoe amps up the challenge in the final set of instruction video and three workout videos. She wants to ensure that all participants maximize the impacts of the program and complete the course looking and feeling better and healthier.

The Mastery Flow phase focuses on combining all of the yoga poses and sequences taught in the first two phases into one comprehensive yoga routine that burns fat and calories quickly and efficiently while also toning and eliminating cellulite. This third phase includes increased repetition and compound movements that engage both the upper and lower body in order to target participants’ metabolisms and help transform their body into a toned figure that showcases all of the hard work they’ve completed throughout the course.

There are many pros to this online course. One of the most notable benefits of the program lies solely in its uniqueness. It is extremely difficult to find a similar program that stays true to traditional yoga positions while also incorporating movements that are effective at helping women lose weight and burn fat and calories. While many other courses on the market combine yoga and harsher cardio exercises in one workout, Her Yoga Secrets never breaks away from relaxing yoga, but Zoe Bray-Cotton mixes fat-burning exercises effortlessly into the flow of the yoga routine.

Another pro of this program is its clear organization. Many other workout videos that are available for purchase online have no focused flow or progression, even if they are available in a set like Her Yoga Secrets. Purchasers of these other programs can decide to do the workout videos whenever they want, which quickly becomes stale and boring and causes participants to lose motivation.

However, in the case of Her Yoga Secrets, there is a strict schedule and pace to the program that is clearly explained by Zoe within the introduction video of the course. Participants know exactly when they are supposed to perform each video and when to move on to the next phase of the program. This specific time frame helps increase motivation and ensure that women who buy the course will actually end up finishing it.

3. It Combines Emotional and Physical Benefits

The entire Yoga Burn program is designed to help women not only lose weight and tone their bodies, but also help make them feel emotionally and spiritually better as well. As previously stated, the second phase of the course, Transitional Flow, focuses on helping women eliminate stress from their lives through yoga positions.

This phase is designed to make participants feel happier and relaxed even after they finish the course. The third phase of the course, Mastery Flow, focuses more heavily on the desired physical outcomes of the program, such as weight loss and increased muscle tone. Women who participate in this yoga program come out not only looking better physically, but feeling better emotionally as well.

4. It Incorporates Breathing

Breathing is an incredibly significant element of exercise, especially when it comes to yoga. Breathing consciously and deeply during yoga practice can help shift brain activity to a more evolved portion of the brain, thereby eliminating emotional stress as well as muscle tension and helping maximize the positive emotional and physical effects of the yoga. However, it can be difficult to know when to breathe during yoga practice, especially for beginners.

Throughout all of the videos in the program, Zoe consistently incorporates reminders regarding breathing into her narration. When she is teaching a specific pose or holding a certain position, she tells participants exactly when they should breathe in order to maximize the benefits of the pose and routine as a whole.

The program is extremely comprehensive and intuitive. With the exception of the third phase, which switches the routine up a bit to involve increased repetition and additional challenge, the format of all of the videos remains virtually the same throughout the course. Plus, because the expectations of the course encourage women to repeat each phase four times, participants have plenty of time to get familiar with the material on each video and within each phase.

This familiarity makes the videos easy to follow and allows participants to focus on relaxing, breathing, and burning fat without having to struggle to keep up with a frustrating or confusing video.
6. It’s Time-Efficient

Zoe expects that all the women who participate in her program go through three videos per week in order to progress through one phase per week. Because each video packs a full fat-burning workout into only forty-five minutes, that expectation requires that women participating in the course devote less than three hours per week to the program. Plus, every minute of each video is maximized to ensure that women are burning fat and toning muscle with each new pose and exercise so as not to waste any time. The time efficiency of the program eliminates the stressful struggle of trying to find time in a busy schedule to fit in exercise and thereby increases motivation to actually complete every video.

One of the best parts about the Yoga Burn program is that it does not get boring. Each consecutive video mixes up familiar poses in order to keep the routine interesting without making it confusing or frustrating. Plus, after every three videos, a new phase starts, each of which is maximized for a slightly different positive emotional or physical outcome in order to keep participants motivated and feeling as though they are always working toward a clear goal as they progress through each video and phase.

1. It Doesn’t Work for Everyone

While they are few and far between, there are some cons to the Her Yoga Secrets program. One of these cons is that the program is clearly geared toward beginners. In some ways, this is a pro of the course because it provides a smooth, fun, and effective introduction to yoga. Many beginning yoga courses start off much too slowly, which renders them boring and ineffective at actually generating any positive physical or emotional results.

While Yoga Burn remains interesting and is fast-paced while maintaining familiarity, it is still definitely directed toward beginners.
The entire first phase, which comprises more than thirty percent of the course as a whole, focuses on teaching basic poses and working up to incorporating them into a smooth routine. While this is a great way to build up to full yoga sequences for beginners, it can get frustrating for those who are experienced in yoga practice and are already advanced at basic poses and routines.

2. It’s an Actual Workout

Many people would consider this con a pro, but it still deserves a mention. Although Zoe gives extremely clear instructions and makes sure that each video remains interesting in order to encourage motivation, participants might end up feeling frustrated because the videos really are challenging, especially for beginners. Every video is comprised of yoga poses and sequences and doesn’t involve any harsh cardio exercises, but the yoga moves and routines are designed to get participants’ heart rates up and can get tiring and difficult at times. However, the challenge of each video ensures effective weight loss and toned muscles, so it’s worth it in the end.

As a whole, Yoga Burn is an investment that is well worth the one-time access fee. The course promises to make women feel lighter, sexier, and happier. By combining yoga elements that help women burn fat, tone muscle, eliminate stress, and feel more content with themselves and their bodies in just nine forty-five minute videos, this program stays true to its promises. When you follow a progressive program like this, you will burn fat and lose weight.

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Click here to get Fat Loss Made Easy – Best products to support health and vitality at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Fat Loss Made Easy – Best products to support health and vitality is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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