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— Nancy Rodiguez, Red Bank, NJ

– Joseph Bratcher, Mill Valley, CA

But who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Emma Eccles. I’m not a professional ad writer. But what I
have to share with you is so important, I had to write you myself. So
please bear with me a little.

In over three years of trials and many disappointments I have
developed a fail-save system anyone can follow that not only relieves
chronic foot pain…but permanently eliminates plantar fasciitis.

After hundreds of success stories I’m so sure that it will work for anyone…I
am offering you a 60 days, full money back guarantee that it will cure your condition as well. Not only will your foot pain be a thing of the past, you will be completely healed and
never ever suffer from plantar fasciitis again.

All you need to do is plug into this proven system so you know exactly what to do. You don’t have to think about anything. Just follow the simple plan
and you will experience relief of your pain within days…in light cases as little
as hours!

I was 40 years old and very busy. My job in a restaurant wasn’t always easy. And my kid needed her mom to take care of her. I had little time for myself but I never complained. I like being there for people.

I still remember that one Sunday morning. The day before had been crazy. It was a wedding party we served. Those are usually the worst. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love weddings just like the next
person…but…serving those parties is madness. Lots of people, lots of
orders, and they always last until the wee hours.

I was on my feet all day. Rushing back and forth between guests and kitchen. My feet were tired but I just pushed through as I always do. I ignored the mounting pain. I had a job to do.

The next day I woke up with a surprise. My feet still hurt.I did not think much of it. I was sure the pain would go away just like it always had. Little did I know…

I Was In For A Trip To Hell

The pain lessened by the evening. Everything seemed to be ok. Than came the next morning…and the pain was back. In fact it wasn’t just back. It got worse. I still wasn’t worried though. I still thought things would work themselves out.

It took a week for this bubble to burst. When the first thing you feel after getting up is pain… not once…not twice…but every day of the week you know something is WRONG. However I was as clueless as the next person about the cause. Maybe a heel spur, I thought.

I made an appointment with my doctor. Certainly this was easy to fix….just like all the other conditions I had until than. How wrong I was!

My doctor listened to my story. He seemed as clueless as me. So he sent me off to get some x-rays. The x-rays didn’t help him much. But that was not what he told me. He just said it wasn’t anything serious…no broken bones. I’d probably recover fast. I reminded him of my pain. He prescribed me Vioxx. Thanks God I did not stay on it…or I might be dead by now!

A week later I was back. No improvement. If I did not take the pills I was in pain. My doctor tried to calm me down. It would all work itself out. But I was having none of it. I’m on my feet all day. I need to get well…FAST…I told him. He sent me off to a specialist.

My next stop was a podiatrist. He gave me the diagnosis: plantar fasciitis. Didn’t mean anything to me. He advised night splinting my foot. The splint was so uncomfortable I could hardly sleep at night.

By Now I Had Hot Burning Pain All Day

The night splint didn’t do anything for me. I had switched to Ultram because the pain got worse…and my ankle had started to hurt as well. The podiatrist wasn’t much help. His advice was the usual: Rest your feet, do some stretching and you will get well soon. If it had been only that easy!

I couldn’t lie in bed all day. Who can? And those exercises hurt. In fact it was as though the pain would laugh at me. It wouldn’t let me go. Like a shadow it was following me everywhere I went. I was getting more and more desperate. In tears I begged my doctor for a cortisone shot. That ankle shot was the most gut wrenching pain ever…and that’s coming from someone who gave birth!

Still it seemed to be worth it…after the injection I was actually pain free. I felt like singing and dancing. However just 10 days later I had a rude awakening: The pain returned…and with all its might! Not only was I disappointed…I was devastated! In fact…

I was Ready To Cut My Foot Off

But before I went on a merry-go-round of doctors and specialists. My thinking was simple: There just had to be someone who could help me. I was ready to listen to anyone who seemed to be qualified to give me advice….and lots of people thought they were.

My experience was that pretty much everyone had something to say. If I had a dime for every advice on how to treat plantar fasciitis…I’d be sipping champagne at the beach by now! For months I followed one recommendation after the next…

Gel pads, cups, cushions, inserts, you name it

Nonsteriodal anti-inflamatory durgs (NSAIDs)

All my friends were already tired of hearing about the condition. So I went under the knife. The first night after the surgery was rough, no lying about that. No wonder. They had removed scar tissue from around my nerve, thinned my plantar fascia and even sawed off some bone spurs. It felt like it wasn’t too far from having my foot cut off.

I thought it a miracle when they put me off pain meds just three days later. The next 2 months I spent on crutches – using my foot was off limits. What followed were 2 more months in a boot and then physical therapy. Was it worth all that? Well…all those months during recovery I was pain free…but…

What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Now my story could be over right here. Another prime example of the miracles of modern medicine.I so wish it would have. No one talks about what that recovery really means. It’s almost like being a baby again. You can hardly move and when youdo …you are sloooow. Driving is out of the question. You either have someone who takes care of you…or you are screwed.

And don’t think this situation will be over in a heartbeat. It drags on for months…all the muscle on your legs disappear…and at the end of it…you basically need to learn to walk again. If you love sports it will break your heart.

By the time I had suffered from plantar fasciitis for over a year so I was ready to take it all…If only the pain would disappear! It seemed as though it had – so I did not complain. That came later.

A month after physical therapy I hit rock bottom. I was finally back on my feet…finally bening able to do what I wanted without asking for help…when I found myself back at square one. I woke up with the hot burning pain I was assured would never return.

There’s an ugly truth about plantar fasciitis surgery doctors don’t want you to know: The success rate can be as low as 30%. Even with a great specialist every 5th patient gets no relief whatsoever from surgery. Thinking about how none of the doctors ever bothered to mention this still makes my blood boil.

The plantar fasciitis operation is often called the last way out. However…all too ofen this way proves to be a dead end. Just imagine what you would tell your bank if they’d recommend a “save investment” that comes with a risk of 70% of losing all your money. If there’s a proven way to stop plantar fasciitis…surgery certainly is not it.

Now when the going gets tough – and it dosen’t get much tougher than being a “hopeless case”…suffering from pain all day every day…with no options left – most people give up. Just try to live with it. Because what can you do?

But I have never been a quitter and living with this horrible pain for the rest of my life simply wasn’t an option. Not for my own sake…and not for the sake of my daughter you needs a healthy mother to take care of her.

I needed to make a last ditch effort…start my own research – deep research that leaves no stone unturned. I was firing on all cylinders…went to all the forums I could find
online…bought all the books about the subject…watched all the videos on
YouTube…and even digged into those scientific articles you need to read three times and still understand only half of it.

I turned myself into a human guinea pig and nothing was too strange for me to try. Almost everything turned out to be a huge waste of my time and money. However some of the techniques seemed to help. It was a small glimpse of hope – enough to keep me going.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I mixed together everything that brought results…combined it in all
possible ways…and for the first time since my operation…my pain went

Something about the combination of rest periods, special taping and
short series of light exercises brought that relief nothing else had.

I don’t think anyone who hasn’t suffered from plantar fasciitis can
ever imagine what it feels like to stand on your feet…and not feel a
hot, burning pain. It literally feels like being reborn.

What would you do if you escaped your misery? What would you do if your feet would finally be pain-free? For me it was catching up. I enjoyed all the things I had been missing the last years. Amazing!I

However…after some time I began to wonder…

Does this system work for anybody else?

I went back to the forums I used to visit and got in touch with other
plantar fasciitis victims….asked around who was willing to follow in my
footsteps and try the approach that had healed me. A lot of people raised their hand.

There was only one problem…I had no way of showing people what to do. Explaining even simple exercises in words is awfully complicated. And with a condition so serious you want to make certain you do the right thing.

I thus decided to make some brief videos for people to see what to do. A friend of mine produces videos for a living and I got him to help me out. Together we made 13 professional videos showing everything there is to do. I also wrote
up a manual explaining the exact treatment plan.

I sent the entire package out to people for free…
responded to all the questions they had. And they had a lot. The initial descriptions confused people. I had to rewrite them….again and again…until they made sense for everyone.

The questions got less and less…and instead…I started receiving feedback on the results. Glowing testimonials of average people that thought nothing could cure their plantar fasciitis…before they tried my system.

Here are just a few of the reports I received…and still receive…on an almost daily basis:

What most people commented on was how easy the system was to follow. Especially including trigger points into my approach had a huge
impact in lessening and even eliminating the pain in just minutes.

Trigger points are small contraction knots in the muscles of the body. More and more research confirms that these knots can cause a variety of aches and pain in the body. Let me tell you why this matters to you…

What REALLY Causes Your Pain

If you have been to countless doctors and none was able to successfully treat your plantar fasciitis…you might actually not suffer from plantar fasciitis at all! Muscle contractions in certain areas of your body can cause pain that is easily mistaken for plantar fasciitis.

Despite the fact that these trigger points have been discovered more than 60 years ago many doctors are still completely in the dark about them. The good news is that you don’t even need a physician to treat pain triggered this way. Once you know how, you can be your own healer.

Let me show you the most important trigger point that can clear up light cases mistaken for plantar fasciitis in just minutes.

Pain from this trigger point shows itself in the following areas:

The trigger point is located below your calf muscle, at the bottom of the Soleus muscle. You can easily find your Soleus when you lift your toes and pay attention which muscle in your leg contracts. The trigger point you are looking for is at the bottom of your calf muscle right in the middle of your lower leg.

If you put your hand on your lower leg with your middle finger
touching your heel the point is roughly where your carpal bone makes
contact with the leg. If you can not find it on your own, take a look at the pictures included in the FREE bonus guide that comes with the Plantar Fasciitis System.

Now simply put your finger on the point and press. You should feel slight pain. If you don’t feel anything, move your finger up and down until you found it. Massage it for half a minute with one of two fingers. Doing this repeatedly over the course of several days has the power to eliminate even stubborn pain.

Now in case that this might not work for you…don’t worry! This is just one of several trigger points explained and the use of trigger points is just one component of the complete Plantar Fasciitis System. Each component is designed to work with the other to create a
synergetic healing effect that clears up even stubborn cases of plantar

Warning! Do NOT Trust Any Guide Or
Self-Proclaimed “Expert” Unless They Prove The Following 5 Things To You

I know there’s a ton of conflicting information out there what
really works for healing plantar fasciitis. For this reason I want to
give you 5 things you absolutely, positively must check before you trust
anyone to give you advice:

There MUST be proven results!
The most effective way to fast healing is to copy what’s already been
proven to work. The Plantar Fasciitis System has already helped hundreds
to cure their condition. More importantly people still write me every
day thanking me for the miracle of relieving their foot pain…a pain they
often suffered from for years. This is why I am so confident this
system will work for you as well I offer a full, 100% money-back

You MUST get a treatment plan from someone who knows what she’s talking about!
Before trying any treatment, make sure it’s designed by someone who
knows what plantar fasciitis means. Don’t fall for some book smart
doctor that has never actually cured anyone and that might have last
seen a case 30 years back in some textbook while he was studying.  I
have struggled myself for almost 3 years before I managed to cure my
plantar fasciitis. During those years I have been to countless doctors.
Most don’t have a clue how to help you. Most people I talked to tell me
the exact same. My system cured me. It helped hundreds more. Please let
me help you, too!

To save you suffering and frustration, you should exchange money for valuable information stops your pain — fast
You know, I’ve learned over the years that it pays, many times over, to
discover what others already know. This way you save a ton of time
because you can completely eliminate the learning curve you need to go
through when making the experience yourself.
“Free” information you get from somewhere online are probably worth
exactly what you pay for them. Not only don’t you know if they work,
they could actually harm you. In the best case you waste your time and
needlessly suffer for longer than you have to. Don’t do this to yourself
and your feet! The Plantar Fasciitis System will get you pain-free as
fast as humanly possible. And it’s easy to use.

The information MUST be up-to-date
Research and medical discoveries never stop. Methods that used to be
effective get out-dated faster and faster. You  shouldn’t follow
any advice that does not rely on the newest,  cutting-edge science.
I know this and I’m still active in all the forums. There isn’t a study
about foot pain I don’t read. Nothing makes me happier than when I find
a way to make the Plantar Fasciitis System more effective. Why? Because
I know exactly what it feels like to suffer. And I don’t want that for

Most importantly, you must be able to trust the person that offers a cure

You know…I wrote the Plantar Fasciitis System to make sure you have a
proven step-by-step guide to forever rid yourself of any foot pain. I
want to give you a short-cut for rapid healing…worth at least 10 times
the price of this system!

Here Are Just Some of the Secrets
Revealed in this Course

 Why The Plantar Fasciitis Sytem Is
Unlike Anything Else Out There

Reason #1: Fastest treatment

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis all you want is…get rid of the pain! This is why the Plantar Fasciitis System attacks the root of the pain from the very beginning. It relieves the muscle tightness…and short-circuits the nerve triggers that are responsible for your misery.

It works its magic in not just one way…but attacks the pain from multiple angles leaving it no other choice but to surrender. Like wheels in a clog every component works with the others to achieve the fastest pain relief  humanly possible.

Reason #2: The only systematic way to treat plantar fasciitis…guaranteeing results

When dealing with a condition as severe and persistent as plantar fasciitis…a few “tips and tricks” won’t do the job.

If you think a guide with a few stretching exercises or some badly
filmed practice you found on youtube will help you…you are in for an
unpleasant surprise. Your plantar fasciitis won’t leave you that easy.

You need a proven, systematic approach that attacks and resolves the issue in all possible ways. For this reason the Plantar Fasciitis System is not just a collection of various exercises. It is a well thought-through, step-by-step manual that has already
helped hundreds of people just like you to leave the pain behind.

In fact, I’m so sure that it will help YOU that I’m offering an unconditional full money-back guarantee. In the very unlikely case that you will not see rapid improvements and a
lessening of your pain in just days I beg you to ask me for a full

Reason #3: Clear, easy-to-follow explanations

The worst thing is looking for help…and getting confusing, unclear advice. Not with the Plantar Fasciitis System. Constant feedback from hundreds of users together with countless
revisions have made sure everyone can understand and follow this

Even better: Not only do you receive a detailed, step-by-step
plan including pictures…you also get 9 HD videos showing you exactly how the
recommended exercises work. All you need to do is press “Play” and follow
along. It couldn’t be easier.

Check Out What This Whole
Revolutionary System Contains

The Plantar Fasciitis System

The Plantar Fasciitis System is the most complete, effective and FAST way to cure plantar fasciitis. I developed this system over years…based on my personal experience with plantar fasciitis.

Over the years the system
has been constantly improved and shown its effectiveness on hundreds
of people that suffered from foot pain.

The entire system contains a
manual which gives you step-by-step explanations exactly on what to
do…when to do it…and how to do it. All exercises are explained
in simple English and come with clear pictures that show you how it
should look.

But this is not all. To make
100% certain that you do everything right – and to make it easy for
you – it also includes 9 videos…filmed in HD… demonstrating the
exercises step by step…so you can easily follow along.

The Plantar Fasciitis System gets delivered digitally. This means in just minutes after you go ahead and click the button below you will get access to everything you need to escape your foot pain forever.

Did you know that up to 75% of all pain conditions are actually caused by little muscle knots, so called “trigger points”?

Despite the fact that these trigger points have already been
discovered 60 years ago and trigger point therapy has since than proven
its worth in numerous scientific studies most doctors still don’t know
about them.

This is why thousands of people who think they have plantar fasciitis are actually misdiagnosed!

No wonder no plantar fasciitis treatment can help them! However, there’s also good news: Trigger point therapy is not complicated…once you know. In fact, it is so easy that you can do it on your own in the comfort of your own home.

The Trigger Point Miracle bonus explains you everything you need to
know about trigger points, which points you need to treat and how to
get rid of the pain.

You can find all the common trigger points that cause pain often mistaken for plantar fasciitis…and the exact treatment which
resolves the issue fast.

Nature provides the most effective way to treat pain and healthy nutrition is the best way to do it.

Unfortunately, food is mostly regarded as something we eat to survive, when it’s actually more than that.

Food feeds your health and fuels your inner healing mechanisms. For this reason, it works exceptionally well for Plantar Fasciitis..

This bonus guide will help you retake the pain-free life you miss so dearly by offering you an easy-to-follow method that will not only treat plantar fasciitis, but will also deal with every other types of tissue damage and internal inflammations that affect your feet.

What type of vitamins your body needs to enhance its healing power

Which foods you should avoid and why

How to improve the healing action of food with simple exercises

The Plantar Fasciitis System is the most effective treatment plan to
completely and permanently cure plantar fasciitis and foot pain. But I
don’t stop there. This system has been constantly improved since it
helped me to get rid of my plantar fasciitis. I still urge everyone who
gets it to let me know about their experience. If they find a way that
works better for them, I will research and test it. If it holds up I will
update the system. You will always receive these updates for free.

 How Much Is Curing Your
Plantar Fasciitis Worth To You?

Think about it…what would it be like to feel the pain fading…day by day…until it finally completely disappears?

Imagine not being aware of your feet any more…just use them as you please…without any hurt or pain. I don’t know about you…but for me this feeling was absolutely priceless.

This is a very fair price considering the life-changing impact this
information has. Not to forget the professional way in which the
material is presented. If you compare it to the cost of one single session with an acupuncturist or any body worker…that is AT LEAST 50% less.

That is a saving of over 50%! But keep in mind I can not guarantee this price for long. Soon I will
have to raise it. Don’t wait a second longer. Get your copy now.

If the Plantar Fasciitis System does not only lessen your pain but
completely eliminate your condition I will give you back every cent you

Frankly, if you are not 100% convinced with every bone in your body
that the Plantar Fasciitis System has helped you…I don’t want to keep
your money!

Try my system for a full 60 days. Give it the fair chance it deserves.

If it does not deliver on all the promises I made I want you to ask me for a full refund.

I won’t ask you any silly questions. I trust you completely.

You have absolutely nothing to lose…other than the chance to get rid
of that nasty plantar fasciitis you have been suffering from for far too

Listen: I know it is hard to believe that I can help you. I’ve been exactly where you are. Everyone that was supposed to help me just disappointed me. All that was left for me to do was to come up with my own solution.

Fortunately, your situation is a lot better. You can give my system a try. You are backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. And frankly…what’s the alternative? I’ve spoken to people that have suffered for 15 years from their plantar fasciitis before they tried my system.

This is not the kind of condition that magically goes away. You will continue to suffer from this pain until you take action. Without action that pain will remain with you, making your life a living hell. In this letter I have tried to show you that it doesn’t have to be
like that….that there IS a way out…a way to cure plantar fasciiits.

I have made it as easy for you as I can. The risk is completely on my shoulders. All you need to do is make the decision to trust me…at least enough to give this a try. Click on the button below and this might very well be the last week you suffered from plantar fasciitis!

P.S.: Listen, if you are still not sure whether to
give this new, proven system to permanently cure plantar fasciitis and
end your pain almost overnight a shot…I completely understand.

You do not know me personally and there might still be some doubts in your mind the program delivers everyhing it promises. So please, let me take all the risk. Test the system at my expense!

I know you have no way of knowing how well it works…until your own
pain is gone. Just let me take this burden off your shoulders. Click the button below and get the system for a 60-day try-out period. There is no need to buy a pig in a poke here.

Download the system and give it a fair try. If it doesn’t
completely eliminate your plantar fasciitis…or if you just don’t like
it…for any reason or no reason at all… just tell me within 60 days. I’ll
rush you a complete, 100% refund, fast and without hassle. No
This is not just a guarantee, it’s a personal promise I make.

It shows you how  to properly tape your plantar fasciitis. These
are the most effective taping methods out there. They allow your foot
to properly rest while you can still move. Imagine it as comfortable
night splint. Impossible? Be ready to be surprised. The taping methods
are explained step-by-step so you can easily follow along. You will not
need outside help. I know that many of us don’t have the luxury of
someone taping us so I made sure to demonstrate how to do this yourself.

P.P.P.S: Please make sure to read the testimonials
below. These are regular people, just like you and me, that suffered
from plantar fasciitis. They all had wonderful results using the proven
Plantar Fasciitis System.

– Sheryl Berkley, Los Angeles, CA

– Richard Jones, Australia

P.P.P.S.: Think what will happen when you miss out on the Plantar Fasciitis System. How will this affect your life? How many days…weeks…months…even years will you continue to suffer from that agonizing pain?

And all of that is completely unnecessary. You are just one click away from banning plantar fasciitis from your life forever. Keep in mind that nothing will change unless you make a decision…right here…right now. Go ahead and click on the button below. You will be more than happy you did.

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Click here to get | The proven system to cure plantar fasciitis fast at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors. | The proven system to cure plantar fasciitis fast is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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