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The Equestrian Athlete Plan.com

The No 1 Rider Specific Fitness Programme

Believe it or not, I know why you have landed here today. Although, I don’t know how you made it here, you too are here because you want to get fit to ride.

Like many thousands of equestrians around the world you are in search of improvement on your horse, no matter what discipline or level of equestrianism you consider yourself at.

I bet you find yourself in some if not all of the situations below:

Fed up with not maximising your horse and wondering whether all that money is going to waste, or in fact are you feeling like you are holding your horse back?

Perhaps you have felt that previously you haven’t had time to exercise and a lack of time efficient and specific exercise knowledge has held you back in your quest for success on your horse.

To make things worse, you tell yourself that you will make a conscious effort in the new season, but there just hasn’t been the support there to help you through the tough times when you needed it most.

This is compounded by the generic nature of the fitness programme you probably picked up along the way. No one has provided you with a clear cut system in which you can specifically train to get fitter to ride! Telling you exactly how to train and what to do from day 1.

Through your previous attempts to find the information in the topic of fitness for riding, you will have discovered like I did that there’s a distinct lack of health and fitness programs designed with the Equestrian Athlete in mind. There have been very few strength and conditioning coaches who have taken the physical demands of the equestrian sport seriously.

Knowing that you haven’t given your all on route to each of your events plays on your mind too, right? Those nights out in the week before the event, the missed training sessions, the time spent reading your favourite magazine, all when you could have been getting yourself into the best possible shape for the event that means so much to you.

Then the realism sets in, you get a few weeks out from the first major event of the year and realise that nothing has really changed. Suddenly there you are, in the start box, in the pack, at the meet, at the start line, its happening… and you’re not ready. Not truly.

Why is it that this scenario pops up time and time again despite knowing full well that you need to do something about it if you’re ever going to reach your potential as an Equestrian Athlete?

I know one of them because I face it every day aswell……

Time is a MASSIVE factor isn’t it?

Fitting in everything you need to do in your daily life can be a nightmare… even BEFORE you have to start taking care of the horses, so adding something else to your already busy day can be tough, even if you know it’s good for you.

And fitting in exercise? “Yeah right your thinking !”

Where are you going to find an hour 3-4 times a week plus travel to and from the gym, getting changed and showered and all that ‘stuff’?

We’re talking about 6-8 EXTRA hours a week that, best will in the world, you simply don’t have, do you?

To make matters worse, even those that DO take the time to fit exercise into their busy lives, are often using very time intensive programmes that involve numerous trips to the gym each week only to sit on machines that actually make their ‘riding muscles’ switch off… let alone their minds!

What you, I and every other Equestrian Athlete needs is a short, concise and focused exercise plan that can be done from home with minimal equipment that will target the specific muscle patterns we need in order to perform at our very best when we’re in the saddle.

Equestrian Athlete Plan| Oliver Townend from matt on Vimeo.

Up to now one of the major problems with the level of information that has been available to you stems from a lack of knowledge on the part of the fitness professional. Having riden since the age of 5, with my grandad and dad both being farriers, my mum a keen rider and sister an amateur jockey and eventer, I KNOW what it takes.

I know what aches, which muscles need working , which need stretching and why the equestrian athlete hasn’t been able to get MOTIVATED to train up to now!

Within the Equestrian Athlete Plan, there is a great deal of attention paid to the efficiency of the programme in terms of the time taken to complete the workouts. But not only that, there is comprehensive guidance on how to fit the exercise into your schedule and how you maximise the benefits in a short period of time.

Have you ever felt any of these?

If you improved your posture and fitness levels you would stop hindering your horse and their performance particularly in the latter stages of X-Country rounds?

Mood swings? Getting that energy balance right has been a real problem both on and off the horse for many Equestrian Athletes. You may have experienced many different mood swings due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, through inadequate nutrition.

It really annoys you when you feel ‘simply knackered’ after one round of x-country, doesn’t it? You know this is just not acceptable any more, your horses really deserve better and I think you know that too. It is just that no one has really told you how to fix it, or if they have tried, they just haven’t really understood the demands of your sport.

Perhaps you are an amateur jockey, and with not being able to race ride often as the professionals you struggle maintain a competition level of fitness that they are looking for! This is something that my amateur jockeys have found, but we have rectified this.

Or perhaps you are eventer or your equestrian discipline involves any form of jumping then you are sure to want to be stronger in the 2 point position. Being weak here is unfortunately going to detriment your horse’s performance, particularly as you approach a fence and more so as they tire towards the end of the day or event.

Being fitter will undoubtedly make you stronger, tidier over a fence and a lot more effective when your horse gets tired near the end of the race or round!

How does this commonly used statement sound to you?

I hear this all the time from equestrian athletes from all around the world, and it’s not necessarily all their fault, it is due to a lack of accessible and useable information out there regarding specific training and nutrition for the Equestrian Athlete.

You have already discovered that there has been a huge lack in the quality of information available. The generic information has still left equestrians in the dark about how to truly get the riding fit body they desire.

For too long many people have been using traditional exercises such as sit ups and crunches to try and rectify the problem.

What they don’t realise is that these exercises are making things worse.

Honestly it is true, I won’t go into the specifics here, but what you are essentially doing is forcing the discs between your vertebrae into a compromised position.

So, Right Now You At The Cross Roads On Your Ride, Just Wondering Which Way To Turn In You Quest For Getting A Riding Fit Body. You May Even Be In The Hay Barn Trying To Find That Needle?

Now you are in a great position to make your choice. Just remember though, ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes’.

You could do absolutely nothing, and be in the same place next year, hoping the aches and pains that you’re suffering with will just magically disappear.

You may go back to the same old generic gym programme or DVD that did nothing for your riding fitness leaving you feeling like you need an oxygen tank on your back in the later part of your event.

You might even be tempted to follow a program that promises riding specific fitness and perhaps even fat loss, with just 10 minutes a day of laying on the floor, or squeezing that inner thigh machine and find out (yet again) that it’s not only boring, but highly ineffective to.

You could carry on using points scoring, calorie counting diets.  These are typically followed by the desperate person who have been lured into the fad, but you know that this really isn’t practical for you to follow due to your busy lifestyle. Honestly, can you imagine living the rest of your life counting calories and counting points? I didn’t think so!

You know that if you followed this fad, it would eventually wear thin and you’ll end up binge eating all the wrong foods anyway.

You could follow the programs that promise you the ultimate in riding fitness but actually only focuses on one of the many key aspects to being the complete rider. These will leave you feeling ok, but, when it matters most you will still feel incomplete in the saddle.

Or, you may decide to follow the generic fat loss programs that are out there, which are supposedly more ‘realistic’ and conform to your hectic life, only to then realise that not only are the programmes written for the general public who don’t ride, but they really don’t meet your needs at all.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your fitness levels, well being and injuries affecting your riding.

You shouldn’t have to wonder how to get fit to ride.

You should no longer need to worry about motivation to succeed

And you most certainly shouldn’t have to guess what exercises are specific for you, or ‘just settle’ for those unsubstantial programmes that you’ve tried before that left you with more questions than solutions.

Because as fitness professional I’ve worked with many Equestrian Athlete’s, many of them successful both on and off the horse – who were much like you . . .

They have come from a huge variety of backgrounds– From semi-professional jockeys, to event riders, to endurance riders, to social riders, to name just a few. Many of whom had tried exercise programmes in some form or another yet still were struggling to get the riding fit body they desired.

Many had such hectic lifestyles that they couldn’t find a spare minute to breathe in between all their duties, let alone drive to and from the gym and an extra hour to workout. Many, like you, get up before most people, so how can you afford the drive to the gym and waste time you don’t have.

Equestrian Athlete’s who figured there was little point in trying anything to get riding fit track because all their previous efforts have ended in disappointment and frustration. Some may have even been put off before they start.

Equestrian Athlete’s who came to me almost looking for their riding body back again , just wondering what it is they have to do to simply ‘feel better on the horse’ and expressing their concerns to me.

“Is there ANYTHING that I can do?”At this point I would have a had a consultation with them and reassured them, that I could help them and I did.

With my background as both a rider and one of the UK’s leading fitness professionals, I have been able to provide answers where other fitness professionals just haven’t truly understood the demands of the sport.

I do have absolute confidence in my coaching expertise, training experience, education and nutritional strategies to help Equestrian Athlete’s like yourself actually get what they want, which is when it boils down to it, feel bloody good when they ride!

You just have to let go of your frustrations, and allow yourself to follow a fully interactive programme that will transform your riding performance over the next 8 weeks.

An Eight Week Progressive Training Plan designed to massively boost your performance day to day in the saddle. Allowing you to achieve great things, even greater than buying a more expensive horse will ever do. That’s 8 weeks where I will be telling you exactly what you need to do, all you have to do is follow me.

50+ Page Manual so that you can fully understand why you need to think more holistically about your riding performance and which exercises are going to help you be the best you can on your horse.

8 Weeks Of Day By Day Workouts In The Same Format I Use With My Equestrian Athlete’s At My Studio. I will leave no stone un turned in getting you riding fit. Don’t worry you most definitely won’t be training at the weekends if you are competing , and the workouts taper towards the end of the week when you need to conserve energy, so don’t worry I have it covered, I have done this before. Within this structured programme you will not be left wondering what you are supposed to be doing today.
Over 15 Support Videos Of The Exercise Routines, so that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can refer back to the video just to give yourself a quick reminder of what the exercises look like in the flesh.

Over 15 Pages of Nutritional Guidance specifically for the Equestrian Athlete. The Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan enables you to optimise your health and well being, to make sure that every day with your horse(s) is full of energy and enjoyment. Eating whole clean foods will just be a no brainer after you begin.

Fully Home Based Training Programme so that you don’t add more time stress into your already busy day. You will be so amazed at the results you can achieve at home with a limited amount of equipment.

Every Workout Is Time Efficient taking away the previously generic long slow runs/cycles that you found boring and largely in effective previously. This is specific to your sport so saves time where other programmes have wasted it.

A Guide On How To Assess Your Posture At Home, using the same postural assessment I use with my 1-1 clients, so that you can see how your posture is at the start and at the end of the programme and help you to understand perhaps why you may have suffered with a stiff lower back or may be at risk of a stiff back or injury in the future. This has been such a vital tool for those Equestrian Athlete’s who I have worked with.

Mindset Chapter empowering you with some key tips to help you block out any negative thoughts that you may have had previously, allowing you to focus on the positive and achieve ‘your winning’. You will, like my Personal Training Clients find mental rehearsal is key to being confident every time you ride, particularly in competitions or in nervous situations.

A ‘Take Out’ Foam Rolling and Stretching Manual with Videos to support you in maintaining and developing your flexibility and optimal posture. These will give you the coaching points you need to take you from top to toe of your body keeping ‘your top line’ in full working order.

3 Specific Mobility Circuits- so that you, the Equestrian Athlete can warm up to ride, exercise and susequently get the most from both your training and ultimately your riding. The mobility really focuses on the ankles, hips, upper back and shoulders, four key areas for the Equestrian Athlete.

Over 50 page Exercise Library so that you can take it with you when you are working out to refer to in case you forget what the exercise is meant to look like. The exercises have descriptions in case you can’t quite remember what the movement should look and feel like.

An Online Community so that you can interact with others on the programme, share ideas and have access to me to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Audio Interviews With Top Fitness Professionals In The UK—-so that you can gain a from the horse’s mouth insight to parts of the programme.

A section on how to train the legs but without getting bulky so that you can understand why you won’t be developing huge , bulky legs on the Equestrian Athlete Plan and what sort of exercise you need to do to get the best legs for riding

Audio Chapters of the book – so that if you are not a keen reader, or you prefer to hear than read, then you can get the maximum benefit from your Equestrian Athlete Plan.

The Importance of Eating Well For Energy and Endurance so that you can see how poor nutritional habits are affecting your performance on and off the horse and what you can do about it.

An Example 7 Day Meal Plan on the Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan to show you just how easy it can be to fuel yourself for your performance. This will show you how to eat consistently throughout the day to avoid the energy peaks and troughs you may have experienced previously.

A Step By Step Guide To Starting Your Exercise Programme, so that you can embark on getting your riding fit body without worrying about what it is you are supposed to be doing. The guidelines will leave you with a clear picture of what you should be doing.

Video Description Chapter of Exercise Guidelines, so that if you prefer to hear instructions rather than read them you don’t miss out. In this audio, I will talk you through your programme structure to give you great clarity.

A Chapter On Time Management, so that you can see how this programme will fit into your life and how you can optimise every day to get all your jobs done with less stress allowing you to enjoy the process.

Optional Weekend Sessions For The Off Season, so that you use this programme both in the height of the season and in the off season to maximise your fitness all year round. This programme will not be like any other generic programme that didn’t take into account your particular needs as an Equestrian Athlete.

A Shopping List is included within the nutritional plan, so that you can head to the shops with list of great, nutritious foods to keep you healthy from the inside out.

Optional Support Calls- so that if you feel you have specific needs or need just a little push in the right direction, you can opt for a call with me to make sure you stay on track or tweak the Equestrian Athlete Plan to suit your current situation. These can be arranged and last between 15 and 20 minutes.

An Insight Into Why Sit Ups Are Ruining Your Posture And Seat— so that you can fully understand why you need to avoid this exercise at all costs, to prevent back pain and maximise your riding experience and longevity in the saddle.

Whilst this programme is extremely comprehensive for your benefit (over 100 pages of information, training manuals and nutritional plan), it is absolutely efficient in every page of the book. This program is all about getting you the real results you are looking for, greater consistency and more pleasure from your riding whatever level you are at. This is something I am so passionate about, as you probably guessed by now!

The Equestrian Athelete Plan has everything I would give to a 1-1 client but If you were to be trained directly by me, you would be paying up to £70 per hour (that’s over 120 dollars). Over the same eight week period you’ll have to pay me £1120 (2040 US dollars) for exactly the same information that you are about to receive.The only difference between this program and having me as your personal coach is I will not be standing with you while you do the training. However I will be there in spirit, the videos in this product will mean you’ll have me telling you exactly what to do as if I was actually there.There are other training programs out there, many appear in the form of books, but as I have said before there is nothing directly associated with the Equestrian Athlete in mind as a whole package, and certainly nothing that personalises your training based upon specific postural and movement assessment.

Probably struggling along with your equestrian performances as they are now, frustrated at the lack of consistency and wasting you money on the feeding those beasts, shoeing them, buying tack, entry fees, travel costs etc, etc .

Just imagine where you’ll be in just eight weeks if you do adopt this training approach. Not only will your posture be improved, your riding experience dramatically improved whatever level, but you’ll probably have a new set of personal achievements, and or goals that you’ll be proud to announce to all your friends, family and fellow competitors. This has been the catalyst for many of my clients to go on to achieve great things. When my clients first come to me for personal training, they quickly realise the coaching they get from me is an ‘essential’, where the price is not an issue. For you though, the actual cost of the product, if you were to spread it over the eight week period, would actually cost less than 1 dollar a day. You could spend more than that at Costa Coffee or Starbucks easily.

Bottom line here, I am not into selling things for the sake of it, and I hate the hard sale, that is why I have taken the time to develop this great programme for you and not just bashed out a quick fix that could be for anyone.

Dax Moy Testimonial for EAP from matt on Vimeo.

I am guessing that because you have read this far that you are really interested in how I can help you. So you probably want to know the price. For just £23.99 you can get your hands on the whole product.

Even if there is a small amount of doubt in your mind of the true value of this program I am going to put you at ease straight away. You probably have never come across my name before and I don’t expect you to trust me either having only read this web page, so why should you trust me? For that reason I am giving you the opportunity to access the product, access all the videos, the full manual, use the audio’s and provide you support for the entire 8 weeks. But if for any reason at all you don’t like the program I will honour a full refund if you decide it is not for you.

All the risk is with me now; I am hoping that there are enough decent people out there who won’t rip me off. So it just leaves me to tell you how to get started. I too am excited because I have seen the benefits. Well to get the program now you just need to click the Buy Now button below. This will take you to a ClickBank order form, where you can enter your payment information and complete the transaction. Once the payment is approved, you will then be  taken to a page hosted by ClickBank that confirms your order by providing you with a unique receipt number. As I said before the price really is a no brainer given the information you’ll have access to and the massive impact it will have on your riding performance.

Once you have made a successful payment you’ll be directed immediately back to the web site, and given access to the download page where you can get the entire program. You can literally start the training today if you want!

So just click the Buy Now button right now and I’ll see you back here in a couple of minutes.

Good luck with your riding and fitness.

P.S. The next eight weeks are going to pass regardless of whether you start training with The Equestrian Athlete Plan or not. You might as well give it a try and if you find it is NOT for you then you do have the 100% refund guarantee to fall back on.

P.P.S. IMPORTANT. Once you have succesfully made payment , if you aren’t redirected automatically to the download page, please email me personally at info@fa-fitness.co.uk and I will assist you.

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Click here to get | The Equestrian Athlete Plan.com at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

| The Equestrian Athlete Plan.com is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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