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If you’re like most people then you’ve probably heard about the Paleo Diet. It seems everyone is interested in the Paleo Diet these days because they’ve heard about how incredibly effective it is…

However, very few people REALLY understand how to implement this diet the right way…which is why most people FAIL MISERABLY when they try to transition from a Standard American Diet to the Paleo Diet!

Do any of the following sound familiar:

FACT: All of these problems can be directly linked to your diet!

What the Paleo Diet is in a Nutshell:

The Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet is a very specific nutrition plan that’s based on how the human species consumed food for the vast majority of our existence. Until about 10,000 years ago, humans ate a specific type of diet that was designed to optimize our lifestyles as hunters and gatherers.

Nutritionists and scientists have shown that modern diets contribute to a wide range of diseases and disorders, but the Paleolithic Diet kept our ancestors strong, healthy, and resistant against disease, sickness, and fatigue…

NBA Stars use The Paleo Transition
“My joints have never felt better…I would highly recommend his services!”

[ez_two_third_last]“Terry eats the healthiest diet that I have ever seen, and he truly lives everything that he preaches every single day. He has created healthy recipes that taste great, and never get old. My joints have never felt better at the end of a season. My recovery has drastically improved and my daily knee pain is nearly gone! I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their health or athletic performance.”
Kyle Korver
Atlanta Hawks[/ez_two_third_last]

Essentially, the Paleo Diet is based around unprocessed fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein and healthy fats…and it avoids grains, legumes, dairy products, refined sugar, and processed oils. The evidence that this diet is better for us is overwhelming…however…

Changing Your Diet Is HARD…

Unless You Take The Right Steps!

For most people, diet and nutrition habits are extremely difficult to change. In fact, most individuals fail when they try to follow a specific plan! It’s understandable, because our bodies have become accustomed to our Standard American Diet (no matter how unhealthy or damaging it may be).

The truth is, your body can be addicted to unhealthy foods like processed sugars, starchy carbs, and grain products! So it’s natural that you’ll experience some discomfort when you try to make a change…

BUT, I’m here to tell you that you can transition into a healthy Paleo Diet WITHOUT the stress and difficulty that many people experience as their bodies adjust. The only thing you’ll FEEL is amazing, and you’ll be seriously impressed with what you see in the mirror once you make the shift…

Hi, my name is Terry Shanahan and over the course of my career, I’ve helped professional athletes, CrossFit athletes, Olympic athletes, and regular people of all ages and body types change their lifestyles using a very specific diet strategy.

In fact, I’ve built my career on helping people all over the world to feel better, look better, and perform their best throughout their day…using my special Paleo Transition method.

It Took Me Over A Decade

To Discover The Secret…

I’ve spent the past 12 years searching for the most effective diet and nutrition program…

Before I found the Paleo Diet, I was a long-time sufferer of chronic illness, fatigue, and inflammation. I literally spent a decade in and out of doctor’s offices and seeing specialists all over the country. I wanted to know why someone who was “fit” like myself could possibly be so sick all the time!

Eventually, I grew so frustrated that I decided to devote every second of my free time to researching holistic medicine, diet, and supplementation. I was determined to find an answer…

CrossFit Champions use The Paleo Transition
“Terry has been a tremendous resource for me!”

[ez_one_third][/ez_one_third][ez_two_third_last]“Terry has been a tremendous resource for me and all of the athletes at our gym.  He offers great ideas to improve recovery and help people at all different levels implement proper nutrition”
Tommy Hackenbruck
UTE CrossFit Owner
2-Time Top 10 as an Individual at CrossFit Games
2-Time Affiliate Cup Champion at CrossFit Games[/ez_two_third_last]

What I Discovered Was Shocking!

For over a decade, I’d been addressing the symptoms of my problems and not the root cause! The answer was found in my diet. After years of trial and error, I eventually discovered the Paleo Diet and nothing was ever the same again.

Eventually I integrated what I’d learned from years of research and experience into my career as a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, CrossFit Coach, and consultant. I currently help a wide range of people make the transition to a healthier lifestyle-from elite professional athletes to individuals who suffer from immune, inflammatory, and digestive disorders…

I also help people who simply want to dramatically improve their quality of life, health and appearance!

Everyone is Talking About

The Power Of The Paleo Transition

My incredibly powerful diet program was previously only available to my personal consulting clients: professional athletes, celebrities, and people who were willing to pay thousands of dollars for 1-on-1 private coaching.

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve decided to give the very same coaching that I offer to elite athletes and celebrities in an easy-to-follow format…for only a fraction of the price!

NFL Veteran Had it All Wrong
“I am stronger and more explosive than I have ever been!”

[ez_two_third_last]“After playing in the NFL I thought I had everything figured out. It wasn’t until I met Terry that I realized that most of what I thought I knew about nutrition was completely backwards! After trying “His Way” for three full months I am stronger and more explosive than I have ever been. Terry has helped me out tremendously and I recommend his services to anybody wishing to improve performance, recovery, and overall health.”
John Madsen
NFL Veteran, Oakland Raiders
Owner, John Madsen Performance[/ez_two_third_last]

With The Paleo Transition!

When you sign up for The Paleo Transition, you get instant access to 21 days of incredible goal setting plans, accountability measures, diet success tips, and my exclusive online community of people who are dedicated to living life at their best…

Take a look at exactly what you get with The Paleo Transition:

The Paleo Transition Course Includes


The Paleo Transition Recipe Book[ez_one_third][/ez_one_third][ez_two_third_last]

These Limited-Time Bonus Videos:

Bonus #1: My Exclusive Paleo Home Tour

I will give you a behind the scenes look into my home and show you exactly what I do on a daily basis.  These secrets will show you how to optimize your own living environment and implement a Paleo lifestyle!

Bonus #2: Kettlebell Training 101: How to Incorporate Kettlebells into Your Training Program

Have you ever really been taught how to properly train with Kettlebells? Kettlebells are rarely properly used by high-performance athletes in the United States. You can use kettlebells from home or in the gym to cross-train and increase your power, strength, mobility, and endurance. This amazing video bonus course is taught by US Kettlebell Champion and Record Holder, Bill Esch!

Bonus #3: Advanced Paleo Success Secrets

This video bonus will offer you top tips for how to implement Paleo without breaking the bank and daily success strategies for meal preparation to save time. It will also cover more advanced permaculture design and home economic ideas for the serious Paleo advocate.  This bonus lesson will be taught by Paul Hotchkin.  Paul is a Paleo expert, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Permaculture Design Consultant, and a Biology Professor.

Video Lessons Available Anywhere

All of the Paleo Transition video lessons are focused on improving body composition, performance, and helping you feel your very best. These are the same techniques that I use to help ELITE CrossFit competitors reach their full potential!

Topics will include the following:

My entire life changed when I started living the Paleo lifestyle, but it took me several years to discover what worked and what didn’t. Now, I’m giving you the same information and strategies (that my clients happily pay thousands of dollars for) so that you can literally cut YEARS off of the time it takes you to transition smoothly into the Paleo Lifestyle.

Remember: this diet is NOT a fad…this is the #1 way to boost your energy and have your body operating at PEAK efficiency.

Gain Instant Access To Our

Exclusive Paleo Community

HOWEVER, when I thought back on the time when I was so sick and unhappy with the way I felt about myself, I realized that there are far too many people out there who need my help.

Click HERE to Make Your Very Own Paleo Transition Today!

I’ve helped countless people make the change to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Now, you can get access to my entire system and discover a new level of performance with the diet that is changing lives all over the world. You deserve to look and feel your best, and I’m here to help make that happen!

Your friend and Paleo Transition Mentor,

P.S. If you’re serious about getting into incredible shape, operating at your peak performance levels, and feeling the best that you ever have in your life…then I guarantee that The Paleo Transition can get you there.

P.P.S. Have a question?  We probably already answered it below!

“Terry has taken my nutrition and my body to a whole new level!”
[ez_two_third_last]“I have worked with many great professionals throughout my career, but Terry has taken my nutrition and my body to a whole new level.  I am feeling better than I have ever felt and my new understanding of nutrition is a huge part of that.”
Boyd Summerhays
PGA Tour Professional[/ez_two_third_last]

“Call Terry if you want to change your life!”
[ez_two_third_last]“Terry is so knowledgeable on so many different aspects of wellness! He is always showing me ways to improve my overall health, and I absolutely love his recipes. He makes things fun, but is still able to get amazing results. Call him if you want to change your life for the better!”
Rebecca Hillyard
Fashion & Beauty Blogger[/ez_two_third_last]

“Terry Shanahan is a life changer!”
[ez_two_third_last]“Terry Shanahan is a life changer! Spending one hour with him taught me more about nutrition and fitness than everything I’ve read in magazines and books my entire life.”
Michelle Money
The Bachelor

The Paleo Transition FAQ’s

Q. What makes The Paleo Transition different than everything else I have tried?

A. Like other programs, The Paleo Transition will offer you an action plan for success.  However, action plans are not enough to ensure long-term success.  This course is different than anything else that you have ever tried because it also offers comprehensive education so you actually understand why you are doing what you are being told to do.  Secondly, you have access to an online community of people who are going through exactly what you are going through.  There is 24/7 access for support, accountability, coaching, questions, and encouragement from coaches and other individuals who have successfully completed The Paleo Transition. The combination of 1) Education, 2) Community, and 3) Action Plan is what makes this program different from anything that you have tried before.

Q. How long will I have to wait to receive access to all of the course information?

A. Everything is electronic and online!  You will gain immediate access to the course material.  There is no wait, no shipping fee, no handling fee, and no delay in you achieving your goals.

Q. I have struggled trying to eat a Paleo Diet previously, do I have to eat a strict Paleo Diet in order to do the course?

No!  Many people have struggled eating a strict Paleo Diet and that is exactly why I created this course.  The step by step action plan delivered through this program allows you to transition at your own pace and make consistent steps in the right direction.

Q. How much access will I have to coaching from Terry Shanahan and other experts?

A. I check-in with our Online Community at least five times per week to answer questions and share tips that pertain to more individually based needs.  My team of experts answers questions multiple times per day and we also have occasional guests stop by for live Q&A!

Q. Does The Paleo Transition online coaching program end after 30 days?

A. No. Our most successful participants achieve life changing results in the first 21 to 30 days, but this just the beginning of a life-long journey. You have life-time access to all of the video lessons, success documents, bonus features, and our online community so that you can continue to make improvements through participation in our lessons online.

Q. Who is this course made for with respect to age and experience level?

A. This course is designed to help the masses!  It does not matter how young, old, experienced, or inexperienced you are.  There are literally complete beginners learning along side professional athletes in The Paleo Transition and both have achieved great success. The reason for the wide-ranging success of our program is because 1) Paleo works for everyone in terms of eliminating factors that block your body from being at its healthiest, and 2) our action plan offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages so you can begin the course at the your current level of Paleo knowledge and skill.

Q. I do not have a fitness or science-based  background.  Will I be able to understand all of the lessons?

A. Yes.  This course does not use advanced scientific jargon or complicated methods.  The information is delivered in laymen’s terms and very easy to follow.

Q. What if it doesn’t work for me?

A. I am completely confident that this course will work for you and I offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who participates in the course and is not satisfied.

Q. How long does the course take to complete?

A. Most participants get through the education modules in one week and then jump into the 21 Day Action Plan immediately after that.  The average person completes the course in approximately 30 days.  However, many participants stay engaged in our online community for a lifetime!

“Now I know what foods are essential to weight loss”
[ez_two_third_last]“Terry not only helped me lose weight, but he helped me recognize my transgressions when it came to my daily diet. Before I was eating less food, but nothing with a lot of nutritional value. Now I know what foods are essential to weight loss. He’s sparked my interest in health and fitness, which I can now share with my readers!”
Kirbie Johnson
Hollywood Blogger[/ez_two_third_last]

Even Fitness Models Love The Paleo Transition
[ez_two_third_last]“I had the honor of working with Terry, and I learned so much from him. I have not only been able to improve my own health, but I have been able to improve the lives of my own clients. If you are looking for someone who can help improve your life for the better… Terry is the man!”
Jeni Matthews
Personal Trainer
Fitness Model[/ez_two_third_last]

“Terry has always been on the cutting edge of nutrition”
[ez_two_third_last]“Terry has always been on the cutting edge of nutrition.  With his rock solid foundation of nutritional principles he is always able to navigate through diet fads right to what works and is going to be best for his client.”
Bill Esch
Owner of Smith & Esch Fitness Systems
US Kettlebell Long Cycle Record Holder[/ez_two_third_last]

College Biology Professor Endorses The Paleo Transition
[ez_two_third_last]“A wise person once told me when I was struggling with a chronic autoimmune problem and endocrine issues: ‘If you want to have the best chance of recovering from a serious chronic illness then you need to find someone who has had that illness and subsequently beaten that illness into remission. These are the people who can truly help you.’ Terry was this person for me. I think the reason Terry is so effective is because he is brilliant at communicating the proven methods he has developed in ways that anyone can understand. Just as importantly, Terry’s programs are practical and work for people who have very busy lives.”
Paul Hotchkin
Biology Professor
Permaculture Design Specialist
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist[/ez_two_third_last]

Pro Athlete Regrets Not Starting The Paleo Transition Sooner
[ez_two_third_last]“Two years ago, Terry Shanahan introduced me to the Paleo Diet. It was long overdue because it changed my life. I struggled with energy issues throughout my basketball career. I thought eating more carbs in the form of pastas and breads would solve those issues. It didn’t work. I knew of Terry’s business my last few years of playing but thought his services were too expensive for me. Google has all the answers and I could figure it out on my own. I now realize that was a huge mistake; there is no price tag on optimal health. I have absolutely no doubt that using his services would have improved my performance and career drastically.”
Nate Funk
Pro Basketball Player[/ez_two_third_last]

Busy Mother Transforms Body In Just Six Weeks 
[ez_two_third_last]“Terry has been an amazing resource for me and has helped me truly understand how food affects my body. He was able to address minor food sensitivities that were previously sabotaging my efforts and hindering the results that I deserved.  I am a busy mother of two (adorable) boys and I am feeling and looking better than ever!”
Ashley Riddle
Fitness Blogger[/ez_two_third_last]


Click here to get The Paleo Transition Online Coaching Program at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Paleo Transition Online Coaching Program is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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