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Before you get started, I want to tell you about….

1 Simple Way to Improve your Results and Skyrocket your Overall Health…in just 20 seconds a day

You’ve committed yourself to getting your body and health on track today.

Like you, I’m also committed — to ensuring you succeed.

That’s why I want you to learn about a powerful trick I use every day that can significantly boost the results you get from my 15-Minute Challenge.

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To Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Engine,
Optimal Nutrition is a MUST

And… it only takes 20 seconds!

First, it’s important you know that…

This of course means eating the right foods to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to function at a high level.

…Now, we all (should!) know that vegetables (especially the green ones) and fruits are the fundamental components of optimum human nutrition.

It’s also well known that most people don’t eat anywhere near enough of these foods… Not even close, actually!

Nearly 90% of Americans do NOT meet the Daily Recommended Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

That’s right, only 1 out of every 10 people…

And even those who do get close to the daily vegetable recommendation, most of them get there with potatoes… usually in the form of French fries. 

But you know what… despite that scary statistic, I get it, because…

Eating Well can be a Challenge
…especially if you Lead a Busy Lifestyle

If you’re like me, you don’t have much down time.

Maybe you work long hours… have a busy social life…. or you have a family to take care of…

Try as we may, for most of us, it’s just not possible to get the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day.

This can KILL your Weight Loss Progress

Bottom line, if you do not consume enough of the right foods, your health can suffer and weight loss may become even more challenging – especially if you’re eating junk food instead!

Not only that, if your body is lacking essential vitamins and nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide, you will likely feel tired and run down – making it difficult to stay motivated and reach your weight loss goals.

And here’s something else to consider:

Luckily, there is an Easy Solution

It’s called UpGreens.

UpGreens is a great-tasting whole food supplement made with ORGANIC ingredients. It’s a nutrient-dense, all-natural superfood formula that “fills the gaps” in your diet with organic plant-based nutrition.

Boost your Fat-Burning and ELEVATE your Health …with just 1 scoop a day

Get the vitamins and minerals your body needs to help you lose weight and stay energized while helping to improve your overall health in these incredible ways: 

Covers your daily nutritional needs in just 1 scoop!

Boosts your Fat-Burning Engine — by naturally increasing your metabolism

Gives you Sustained Energy — without caffeine, sugar, or any unhealthy stimulants

Promotes Digestive Health — thanks to the alkaline rich formula, and the digestive enzymes and probiotics that have been added to UpGreens

Detox and Cleanse — by alkalizing the blood and your body’s cells and tissues, pH levels are restored

Provides Mental Sharpness – the ingredients are specially selected to be easily assimilated by your brain, helping you think clearly

Better Skin, Hair, Nails & Teeth – lower acidity promotes better health and longevity

Heal Faster — Fuels your cells and helps them to regenerate

Strengthens Immunity – nearly every ingredient in UpGreens has immune boosting properties

Reduces Inflammation– by neutralizing free radicals; which in turn helps to prevent degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, respiratory diseases, premature aging, and more

Oh, and in case you were wondering — UpGreens tastes great, too!

That’s a big deal if you’ve ever tried some of those other brands like I have…. Because taste is NOT one of their strong points.

I look forward to drinking my UpGreens every morning… I simply mix a scoop with a glass of water and I’m ready to go!

UpGreens is also great in smoothies, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day – while you’re on the go or just relaxing at home.

UpGreens is your Nutritional Insurance Policy

Remember how I mentioned most of today’s fruits and vegetables not being as healthy as they used to be… because the soil they are grown in today is nutrient-depleted?

UpGreens solves this problem with organic, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable extracts by the spoonful. In every serving of UpGreens, you get dense, bioavailable nutrition that provides sustained energy, improved recovery, mental sharpness, elevated mood, and overall well-being. We are certain you will find UpGreens to be the highest quality, best tasting, and most effective greens product you’ve ever tried.

Now you might be saying…

“What makes UpGreens any different than the other green superfood powders out there?”

UpGreens is Unique for Two Reasons:

First, it is an extraordinary formula that contributes to all the benefits described above; simply look at the list of ingredients to see why.

And, secondly, every one of those ingredients is grown and harvested meticulously in order to preserve and protect the enzymes and phytonutrients within the plants.

The farmers we trust to grow the ingredients in UpGreens know to harvest at the optimal time in the growing season to ensure peak potency of the micronutrients in each plant.

Immediately after harvest, the plants are concentrated and dried utilizing a proprietary cool temperature process that preserves nutritional potency.

All ingredients are then carefully blended together and our formula is packaged and sealed in specialized PET packaging that protects UpGreens from light, oxygen, and moisture.

…All of this, ensuring that UpGreens comes to you as pure and potent as possible.  

In fact, this special process that preserves and protects our ingredients yields a brightly colored and non-oxidized power that has been shielded from heat, UV light and moisture from start to finish. Plus, UpGreens contains triple the amount of chlorophyll compared to most other formulas, much of it from a type of chlorella that is an easy-to-digest strain with a very soft cell wall.  Other chlorellas have a much harder cell wall which requires processing methods that diminish its nutritional value.

Here are 8 Other Reasons why UpGreens is your BEST 

So, Now you Know you Need to “Get Your Greens”
…and We Just Made it a Whole Lot Easier!!!

My friend, Dr. Joshua Levitt, and his team at UpWellness who have created this game-changing whole food supplement, have agreed to let me offer you UpGreens at a special rate here today, but only on this page.

Normally, in order to get all the nutritional power found in one bottle of UpGreens, you’d have to spend several hundred dollars on a large supply of pure, high-quality organic fruits, vegetables and greens; along with the specially sourced probiotics and digestive enzymes that are included in our proprietary formula.

Plus, you’d have to spend the extra time required to go find, buy and then prepare all the ingredients yourself… That easily amounts to several hours every week that you get to preserve for your own enjoyment.

But today, on this page only, you have the opportunity to benefit from a special discount of MORE than 40% off the regular price!!

That’s LESS than what you’ll pay for a small latte at Starbucks!

Plus, as with all UpWellness products, you’re protected by a full 60-Day guarantee: 

If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied in the first 60 days [just say so (OR return any unused portion] and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked!

You’ve made the decision to take better care of your body and improve your health today – take it one step further by clicking on the ‘Add to Order’ button below so we can ship you your supply of UpGreens right now. We’ll even cover the shipping cost!*

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This is the Easiest Thing you can do to Jumpstart your Health and Elevate your Results.

Try it for 60 days and I know you’ll agree…

Most of the produce in supermarkets today is grown on massive farms in nutrient-depleted soils.

Multiple studies using USDA data have demonstrated that dozens of different fruits and vegetables grown today have significantly lower levels of vitamins and minerals than they did years ago.  

Fruits and vegetables are certainly healthy…but they are not as healthy as they used to be because the soil they are grown in today is nutrient-depleted. In the case of oranges, we may need to eat 6-8 times as much fruit to get the same nutrient levels that our grandparents got in one serving!   

Todays’ fruits and veggies aren’t what they used to be

Double Dose/Couples (60 servings)

Pause or cancel at anytime

No thanks. I realize this is a one-time opportunity to try UpGreens at a heavily discounted price. If later I want to ensure my daily nutrition with pure organic fruits and vegetables in just 1 scoop PLUS all the health boosting benefits that go with it, I’ll just pay the higher price.

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Take 60 days to review and test-drive our cutting edge program, the Upgreen. If you don’t think it’s the most powerful prescription for eliminating chronic inflammation, OR if you don’t experience significant health benefits from using this information, just let us know.

e’ll be happy to refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. Plus, you can keep the program with our compliments!

We’re that confident the information we put into the Upgreen will begin to free you from the pain and debilitation caused by chronic inflammation.


Click here to get Upwellness at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Upwellness is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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