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Acupressure for weight loss: A certified Medical doctor and a physiologist reveal…

You are about to discover a little-known, natural method that accelerates your weight loss efforts, doubles your willpower, erases your food cravings, and puts your metabolism on “fat burning steroids”

Dear weight loss sufferer,

Have you ever wondered why some people lose 20, 30 and even 80 pounds and look better, trimmer and younger than ever before… because they manage to keep the weight off…

… While other people can’t seem to win their weight loss battle… because their diet plan was as waste of time (after all the time they spent at the gym… all the money they wasted… and they look much WORSE than they did on day #1)?

I wondered the same thing.

With a lot of research I’ve discovered the #1 reason why it’s so hard for people to achieve long-lasting, permanent weight loss. And consequently, I now know how to actually get weight loss results in a fraction of the time without pills, equipment or starvation.

See… in the past I’ve watched people struggle endlessly to lose weight. I’ve watched their marriages fail. I’ve watched them give up on their biggest dreams. I’ve watched them turn cold and bitter towards their children. Simply because they weren’t happy with themselves.

Weight loss is a REAL ISSUE that most people do NOT understand.

…Only a small fraction of people are lucky enough to have a body that doesn’t gain weight. Lucky people who NEVER have to go on a diet their entire lives. But for the rest of us, especially those of us over the age of 25 – who work jobs – who have kids – who do actually live busy lives — weight loss is a real serious issue.

You know all this already. But here’s what you probably don’t know.

By pressing certain pressure points on your body, you can double, triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of any diet!

Chinese do it all the time. Thanks to long years’s; research, testing and experience with thousands of patients, there’s a 100% natural, safe and effective weight-loss aid that was founded on an ancient, 3000 year old technique.

It’s called acupressure. A painless, self-conducted version of acupuncture. But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me explain WHY most diets don’t work for most people.

Appetite can cause us problems because there’s little we can do to get rid of it

When we decide to lose weight, our appetite increases! The thought of a diet alone usually increases a person’s appetite because the body is “afraid” it will have to starve. Your body to constantly attempt to store energy for “the times of starvation”. The problem becomes even more severe if you ever tried to lose weight and failed.

Ignoring this fact, will keep you in a vicious cycle of gaining and losing weight, spending thousands of dollars on weight loss gadgets and pills in the process. How do I know?

Well… this is knowledge I’ve gained over years of experience with men and women at all ages and stages of life. The people who visit this website are a special breed of individuals.

Starting and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is key to permanent weight loss. They know that diets lower your weight for a while but in the long run your body will adapt to lower calorie intake and begin storing fat at a much faster rate.

They’ve tried everything under the sun to lose those unwanted pounds.

So They don’t come to me when their diet goes good or when their diet goes bad. They come to me when they give up!

I’m the person you’d come to when you finally get sick and tired of the constant food cravings, almost unconscious going for that refrigerator, consciously having to subdue your own urges. When you get sick of looking at the rolls, blobs, blemishes and fat you see in the mirror.

I can tell you like I tell them…

Lack of exercise has much less to do with gaining weight than you’re lead to believe. It’s the constant intake of improper foods at irregular intervals that turns the body to store more and more fat.

We just weren’t built for this kind of abundance of “junk food” and aren’t used to such high and prolonged stress levels we experience in today’s society. You know this already right?

But that’s not fair. The weight loss industry is just doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s strengthening your desire to lose weight – by showing you fancy before and after photos. But the truth is… it’s much easier to eat right and lose weight than you might think!

In my 7 years of research, I reached another important conclusion that Chinese were smarter than us Westerners. They KNOW diets need to be supplemented. Chinese know that in order to “fix” the body, we’d have to play by the body’s natural rules!

Thanks to long years’ research, testing and experience with thousands of patients, there’s a 100% natural, safe and effective weight-loss aid that was founded on an ancient, 3000 year old technique. A painless, self-conducted version of acupuncture.

It’s called acupressure. Let me explain.

What is acupressure and how it can help me lose weight?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique based on the principles of acupuncture, and involves the use of finger pressure (without the needles) on specific points along your body.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of energy (Chi) in our body flows along special energy channels called meridians. We can increase or decrease this flow of energy by applying pressure on acupressure points.

By stimulating specific combinations of acupressure points, we can predictably influence the perception of pain, appetite, blood circulation, excretion of specific hormones and directly and indirectly even on the feeling of anxiety, willpower and some behaviors (such as impulsive behaviors and stereotypical behaviors that are a consequence of prolonged stress).

This way, we can easily increase the normal flow of energy in our body and release blocked or congested energy centers.

This weight loss aid is becoming more and more popular in the US. Maybe you’ve heard about this special method from big celebrities in Hollywood. Celebrities like …

According to the Bodynews magazine (May 1. 2006, page 70), Janet Jackson used acupuncture to reduce her food cravings and in combination with exercise lost 35 pounds.

She told the magazine that ever since she had been little, she loved to eat. Now she’s following a strict diet and is resisting the temptation to overeat.

In our videos you’ll discover a closely related technique that achieves the same results without needles. And best of all, you can do it all by yourself anytime and anywhere (home while watching the TV, on a bus, underground, train, during a meeting…)

If YOU had this information… if you could use acupressure (at your own home, without pricking yourself and sticking yourself) don’t you think it would be easier to lose weight if you could easily…

ELIMINATE impulsive behaviors

And SPEED UP your metabolism

… And do it simply by using your own 10 fingers?

So what I did was create… a set of videos that show you how to actually use these simple procedures to get results. Don’t worry. I’m going to explain the simple process you can use to use this Chinese secret to double, triple or quadruple your weight loss methods.

I’ve created a set of step-by-step videos that show you how to find and correctly stimulate specific combinations of acupressure points that will help you succeed in your weight loss efforts.

Each of these videos were made under the strict supervision of a medical doctor and acupuncturist, Milena Plut Podvrsic, MD, with more than 30 years of clinical experience.

Stimulation of specific acupressure points will help you achieve your ideal weight and make you feel healthier and more energized. The Stimulation of the presented acupressure points significantly reduces appetite so that you feel satiated much sooner.

Regular stimulation of these acupressure points balances your hormones and has long lasting effect on reducing your appetite and the constant need for snacks

The stimulation of the acupressure points is an unparalleled weight loss aid.

You will activate your fat burning metabolism

Make an end to impulsive snacking

Alter your reactions to stressful situations and regain control over your life

Stop procrastinating and effortlessly begin your weight loss diet now

Regain your energy and strong will to lose weight

Get rid of food addiction

To receive these amazing results, all you need to do is stimulate the correct pressure points that we present to you step-by-step in detail on video.

Many of them are on your fingers. In these videos, we’ll show you combination of pressure points that work together incredibly powerfully to help you start shedding pounds much more quickly. Best of all, It’s compatible with any diet you’re already on… or any new diet you want to begin.

The instructions are very clear so that even a four-year-old could follow them easily. You can save yourself time and money by doing it yourself anywhere and anytime instead of spending thousands of dollars going to a therapist. Still skeptical?

I understand. To be honest, you should be!

I’ll admit this proven scientific solution isn’t as popular as NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, SENSA or any of those other diet programs that require you to buy food… exercise 30 hours a day and track your calorie count everyday. But this is the important part.

Have you ever noticed how much willpower these programs require?

Probably not. Because the marketing geniuses behind these programs bombard you with “before and after” photos. Because these over-glamorized weight loss programs make you think that simply by tracking calories and eating certain foods… you too can lose weight.


Well… let’s be honest. When was the last time anyone actually explained how your body works. Or how a diet actually works… or how the foods you eat actually worked. I’m sure the last thing “lesson” you had on food and diet — was probably how to count calories to reach your ideal weight by a certain date.

But before I can actually give you a solution that’s going to work… I want to make sure you understand how your own body works. Don’t feel obligated to read this section. You can skip it.

Human body is adapted to the conditions on Earth that reigned about 10000 years ago. We have inherited desire for energy-rich foods.

After ingesting sugars, the level of glucose, which is the basic energy source in the body, increases almost instantly. That’s why after exertion, stress or exhaustion (physical and psychical alike), the first reaction is the desire for sweet food, which the body perceives as very good tasting.

Fat represents high-energy storage for the times with severely decreased food intake – in prehistoric times it could be weeks! Besides that it contains essential fatty acids and is a medium for the transport of many important vitamins in the body.

Because of that, like with sugars, we perceive fat as having a good taste. To make things worse, these foods trigger the release of “pleasure chemicals” in our brain that make us feel good.

On the other hand, we spend most of our time under stress, which makes our bodies even more susceptible to outside factors. That’s why we use snacks as a get-away from everyday problems.

Even more so if a snack can take our thoughts away from everyday troubles and simultaneously makes us feel really good for a moment.

Now, I’m not saying diet programs don’t work. Because they do… but not without YOUR willpower. Let me prove it to you.

That’s why I’m introducing you to the world of acupressure. So you can supplement your weight loss diet and finally get results. With acupressure you turn on your body’s natural “weight loss” system to multiply your weight loss results.

All you have to do is use your two hands and you can begin getting powerful results with a fraction of the effort.

Here… just look at what you’ll learn in the first video.

Discover the secrets and basics of acupressure so that you’ll easily know how to use our videos.

Find out exactly how to practice acupressure on yourself

Easy instructions on how to use our videos for best results

Discover the right way to stimulate acupressure points

Learn some simple moves to make locating acupressure points a breeze

See… by now you’ve probably discovered that even with your diet.. you can’t lose weight and get trim unless you FORCE YOURSELF to stop eating. That’s why I created…

First, what you’ll learn are the most effective acupressure points to help you control your appetite. Your body’s appetite has an on and off switch. I’ll show you how to turn your appetite off — WITHOUT starving yourself. Which would do nothing but make you gain weight anyway.

You’ll learn how to locate and stimulate a special combination of acupressure points that suppress appetite and give you the feeling of a full stomach. Now, you can end those food cravings that haunt you throughout the day, without over-extending your willpower.

This is especially helpful if you’re in the beginning phases of a diet. And even more helpful if you crave high calorie foods — sweet treats, fried foods, those yummy delicious foods that are loaded with sodium and completely WIPEOUT your daily calorie intake. Once you learn how to stimulate this point, you’ll be able to control hunger and NEVER worry about overeating again. This video shows you

The acupressure points that make you feel satiated much faster

The acupressure points that get rid of those frequent food cravings

5 acupressure points proven to work against increased appetite

You can’t lose weight and get trim unless you FORCE YOURSELF to go to the gym.

You can’t lose weight and get trim unless you FORCE YOURSELF to “keep track” with your eating habits

You can’t get results unless you FORCE YOURSELF to buy the “specific” foods you must eat in order to stay below your daily calorie count.

You can’t lose weight and get trim unless you FORCE YOURSELF to do all these things on a daily basis for weeks and weeks… and months at a time.

But the initial enthusiasm unfortunately lasts only a few days, in the best cases a few weeks, and then we soon, usually unconsciously, find ourselves on the old tracks…

Every time you prematurely end a diet, your body hasn’t adopted the weight “set point” and begins to increasingly accumulate energy. To make matters worse, the body now adjusts the weight set point to a higher mark to compensate for future periods of starvation! To avoid this, we’ve created… video #2. So you don’t give up, get discouraged or fall into the trap of weighing yourself and binge eating just because you “missed the mark”. Here’s what’s included.

We know that willpower is necessary. Without willpower all you have is the desire to lose weight, but you’ll lack the motivation to “stop yourself” from making mistakes that cause you to be overweight.

With just a few minutes, you’ll learn this combination of acupressure points that suppress the excretion of stress hormones and stimulate the excretion of anti-stress hormones. So when problems, worries and stressful situation comes — you won’t have the urge to pick up something to eat.

Plus, you’ll stimulate the centers in your brain that will immediately strengthen your willpower. Just by pressing this magical weight-loss button, you’ll be able to RESIST even the hardest, most powerful food-temptation you’ve ever known. Even if your favorite food was dangling on a string 5 inches away from you. I say that because this video shows you how

The SECRET to Easily stick to your diet

How to Easily say NO to unhealthy temptations

Proven, surefire method to gain “the will of steel” that is so incredibly powerful, that nothing can stand in your way. Once you uncover this secret you’ll have

5 acupressure points that help you increase your will and very significantly increase your chances for lasting results

And guess what… if you’re like any of the thousands of people who have tried to actually lose weight in the past. You get discouraged when you put yourself through this heartbreaking misery… but don’t see any progress. Because you get on that scale at the end of each week… more confused because you did everything right – but instead of losing pounds, you GAINED pounds.

You probably live in the real-world. Things happen, some days are better than bad days. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it

And that’s the problem. All of these programs are charging YOU money (on a monthly basis) to do ALL the work. They’re charging you to use your own willpower. Doesn’t that sound like a scam?

You bet! But hey… it’s unfair for me to call it a scam because losing weight requires a total approach instead of a single thing.

You can be going through your day, just like any other day, and all of a sudden… you have a craving for something sweet. Or you may just have a simple craving to eat something — just because you love food so much! These little impulse monsters chip away at your weight loss goals behind your back.

You wouldn’t even know it… until it’s too late. Because these impulse behaviors are so habitual, you do them automatically — like you’re sleepwalking towards the refrigerator!

That’s why this video arms you with detailed steps to push the acupressure points that help you get your IMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS UNDER CONTROL! And in a matter of minutes, these acupressure points will

Make an end to almost unconsciously going for snacks. Stimulation of this combination of acupressure points will help you influence the centers in your brain that control impulsive behavior.

Stop to impulsive and unconscious overeating

Easily refrain yourself from snacks on parties and meetings

Give you more control over your emotions

Keep your impulsive and reckless behaviors in check

You don’t need to stop your dieting program. You don’t need a science degree. You simply need to learn how to use your body’s magic “pressure points” to cure the ROOT CAUSE of 98% of your weight-gain problems.

As crazy as it sounds, you actually must continue eating to lose weight. If you lose weight the too fast, the wrong way (as a result of the wrong diet) your metabolism slows down. Then your body will STORE fat.

And all the weight you “temporarily” lost — will come back pound after pound… heavier than ever before! That’s why you must keep a steady consistent appetite to lose weight. But here’s the good news…

Once you are shown the correct way to actually speed up your body’s metabolism, your body can burn fat NATURALLY with the power of it’s internal fat-burning “fireplace”!

These 5 acupressure points are guaranteed to immediately speed your body’s metabolism into overdrive so you burn more calories and burn more fat in a fraction of the time. This increase the effects of your diet and propels you to your ideal weight in record breaking time.

In this video you’ll discover :

5 proven acupressure points that naturally increase the burning of your body fat and BLOCK new fat from building a “fat nest” inside your body!

5 proven acupressure points that direct your metabolism from slowly consuming muscle to quickly burning fat… shoveling it out of your body… and preventing it from returning ever again!

5 proven acupressure points that help you eliminate thick, heavy globs of fat from your belly… your hips… and your behind — so you can FINALLY stand up and sit down without being self-conscious in public!

I want to give you these steps. They’ve been carefully filmed and professionally produced, so you can finally drop the weight you’ve been trying for so long to lose. But…

“I feel better and I feel satiated!”

When my mother first presented acupressure to me, I wasn’t very sure that pressing on some points on my body can actually make me feel satiated. But because I trusted her, I believed her and tried the technique.

During my first stimulation of acupressure points, I was feeling a bit uneasy. I was having some trouble with getting in touch with my inner self and calming down but the next day it went much easier and then it became more and more pleasant each day.

I came at peace with myself – on the inside as well as on the outside. I’ve been stimulating the points for 10 days now and I can honestly say that I can resist snacks much easier, especially sweets. I feel better and I feel satiated!

— Katarina Fajfar Kranj, Slovenia Europe

“I feel great and I’m seeing results”

I’m currently unemployed and have been desperately seeking any kind of help to raise my self esteem – and this is definitely where strong will comes in. And if I were to lose a few pounds in the process I’d be really pleased!

I was in luck because I came across your “acupressure for weight loss” videos! Because I’m a mother to a daughter that has absolutely too much weight for her height and because I’m a wife to a husband that’s also suffering from being overweight, I used your product for my whole family!

Before watching your videos, I doubted my abilities to perform acupressure all by myself as one has to be qualified to do that, but I soon realized my fears were unfounded. The instructions could not be clearer. A wonderful, peaceful voice explains everything we have to know. When necessary, it explains things even twice. In short, the videos and the instructions are great!

I feel great and I’m seeing results. Every day I look forward to feeling even better. I’m convinced that in some time, I’ll have even more positive results to tell you about.

— Barbara Fajfar Kranj, Slovenia Europe

“I have less need for food than before and I feel full much sooner!”

I don’t usually succumb to my wife’s whims but this time I’m not sorry.

In the beginning, she stimulated my acupressure points but when I noticed changes in my body and in my way of thinking, I took matters into my own hands. The first day I had to go to the toilet more often and now I have less need for food than before and I feel full much sooner!

I’m in the beginning stages of your program and I still don’t dare to step on a scale but I feel lighter and I have more energy.

I intend to continue stimulating the acupressure points you suggest because I’m looking forward to the results and it takes me barely any time to go through the stimulation.

As a whole family, we thank you for making your product available!

— Matjaz Fajfar Kranj, Slovenia Europe

4 professional video recordings with over 60 minutes of detailed explanations of how to find and stimulate specific combinations of acupressure points that will help you lose weight quickly. You’ll learn the exact pressure points you must use to immediately

By pressing these magic weight loss buttons, you’ll not only activate your body’s turbo boosting weight-loss system… but you’ll also stimulate your brain’s system to eliminate cravings, boost energy, and give you the mental, emotional and psychological help to lose weight.

1 instructional video that shows you exactly how to easily and safely use acupressure on yourself. I’ll show you in slow-motion, how to find these pressure points, how to apply the correct pressure… and I’ll explain how and why they work.

They’re easy to remember and give you powerful results right away. One simple press can stop you from craving your favorite “fat producing” food. One simple press on the right part of your body can literally snap your body into hyper weight loss mode within seconds.

NOTE: This is NOT an e-book! This is NOT an -ebook! These digital videos are available to you 24/7 and can be downloaded to your computer. Plus, you’ll have access to these videos no matter where you are.

There’s no shipping or handling fees. You need no special equipment. You need no pins, no needles. You only need your fingers and enough willpower to try these methods.

But with Weight Loss Acupoints… you pay ONE fee and turn on the turbo boosters to help you get results easier and faster than dieting alone.

And if it doesn’t work – keep it. Just email me so I can give you, your money back.

But that’s not all because I’m giving you special bonuses.

Simply watch this video and find yourself automatically developing healthy eating habits with scientific accuracy!

This video contains subliminal messages that are proven to produce healthy eating behavior. By watching this video you’ll find yourself developing healthy eating habits automatically… without doing nothing at all. Your subconscious mind will instantly act like a sponge and soak up these subconscious commands without you even knowing it! Then…

…It will become so natural… so automatically effortless… you’ll think a “hidden force” was forcing you to eat better foods on a regular consistent basis!

Thankfully these hidden commands — that practically re-program your bad habits from the very moment you watch this video — will help you do 3 things very quickly:

REPROGRAM your mind to naturally desire foods that are more healthy with less calories — so your mind practically shuts itself down if you even try to “think” about eating fattening foods

REPROGRAM your mind to be anxious and energized for exercise routines

REPROGRAM your mind to “switch off” deadly low self-esteem and quickly “turn on” bulletproof inner confidence — so you develop a “bulldozer mentality” to push through obstacles that would previously keep you from following through!

In as little as 3 short, thrilling minutes a day… your mind will be virtually brainwashed with the healthy habits that make it nearly impossible for fat to continue clinging to your “fat repelling” body.

This special subliminal video is courtesy of, the #1 provider of scientifically proven subliminal videos which contain advanced AcceleritrainTM technology to bring outstanding results.

I also understand that my order is covered by a Money Back Guarantee offered by your website, and the secure, iron-clad guarantee offered by clickbank. If I’m not satisfied, I can simply contact clickbank immediately and they will literally refund my money immediately! But you also give me your…

Try Weight loss Acupoints at my complete risk for 60 days. Don’t believe a word I say. Watch the videos and try the techniques tonight. See if these techniques don’t decrease your appetite, decrease your cravings, eliminate your stress, boost your energy… and make it EASY for you to lose weight.

I GUARANTEE you will be less hungry and be more motivated to lose weight as a result of using these acupressure techniques. In fact, I GUARANTEE you will lose weight easier and faster as a result of using my system.

If you don’t get results and lose weight faster and easier over the next few weeks… simply contact me for a full refund anytime within the next 60 days. I’ll give you every penny of your money back. No questions asked! Send no charts. Send no proof. And you can still keep the videos absolutely FREE!

You must be completely satisfied with my system or your money back! All you have to do is be willing to try it for a few days. I’m willing to take the risk. I’m asking you to try. Simply click here to start now, even if it’s 2AM in the morning!

If you understand why you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off… and you can successfully, consistently drop 3 pounds every 3 days (and do it as easy as riding a bike)… then It’s time for you to leave now with my blessing. I wish you nothing but the best! But…

… If you could use an easier method to actually end your cravings, keep up with your weight loss program, and sculpt the sexy, hot body you’ve been dreaming of… then I urge you to act now! The weight isn’t going to fall off on it’s own.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do.

If you get results, then please send me pictures. Most people see noticeable results within 3 to 4 weeks. But in the strange event you feel like you wasted your time (or money) just remember – I’ll give you your money back. Period! You have nothing to lose BUT weight!

I can’t stick a needle in you, or press a pressure point to make you take action today. You have to take this first step. But once you take this tiny step, you can be on your way to looking fit, getting a new wardrobe, and being the envy of all your friends within a matter of weeks.

Because finally — you’ll have everything you need to get rid of that weight and get your life back. Simply click the link below to begin the order process. You can gain instant access right now, even if it’s 2AM on Sunday Morning.

P.S. Remember… there is no pill, no powder and no dangerous stimulant that will magically give you lasting results. Try this system today so you can give yourself a healthier, happier life and FINALLY be the size you truly deserve to be!

You have absolutely nothing to lose – but excess weight and excess fat that’s currently drenching your body and weighing you down. Because if you try my system… and it doesn’t work… it doesn’t get rid of that ugly fat… it doesn’t make it easier for you to lose weight and reach your ideal weight… I will give you every single penny of your money back!

All you have to do is take this discount opportunity while it’s available. Because this special “introductory discount” will not be available for long! Don’t wait.
Click here to order now even if it’s 2AM in the morning. You can access these videos 24/7!

P.P.S. Will you do me a favor?Get the weight loss with acupressure videos right now and go through with the program. Then decide if it isn’t the best weight loss tool you’ve ever used, at ANY price.Acupressure for weight loss is guaranteed to meet even your greatest expectations, and if not, I’ll personally make sure you get back your investment ASAP.


Click here to get Video course: Acupoints to help you burn more fat at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Video course: Acupoints to help you burn more fat is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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